Application Tips

+ Always start by making a paste in the palm of your hand - once the bar starts to flow you can then apply effortlessly from the bar. 

+ Work the product completely into the skin like  a moisturiser. If it gathers in the folds of the skin - work it in. You don’t want a visible layer on the surface of the skin.

+ See how many days you can go without re-applying. Ultimately we recommend applying every other day. The product continues working even after showering. 

+ If you have sensitive armpits don’t use it on the same day you shave. 

+ Consider applying the product before bed and washing it off in the morning. It will carry on working during the day and there are many benefits to this. 

+ If you feel sore after applying, wash it straight off. If you have washed it straight off it will still continue working and will work for several hours. 

+ If you have experienced a reaction to the product it is important that you discontinue use.