How I healed fibromyalgia

I often get personal messages asking me how I healed from Fibromyalgia. It was a long and complex health journey spanning more than a decade with lots of twists and turns.

Here is a concise ten point breakdown which is by no means comprehensive but a great starting point for anybody looking to heal from this complex condition. 

  • Undid the habit of juicing a range of high oxalate foods like spinach which have an inflammatory effect on many individuals. 
  • Learnt about mineral balancing and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) under the supervision of Rick Malter who has written papers for Trace Elements. At this time I discovered I had high levels of aluminium and low levels of other key minerals. 
  • Introduced magnesium in its many forms, especially ionic magnesium chloride and transdermal magnesium chloride. Many other forms such as oxide and citrate only have a 3% absorption rate. These make for a great laxative.
  • Removed all of my amalgam fillings safely with a holistic dentist who followed a strict safety protocol. 
  • Reduced all exposure to heavy metals in my environment.
  • Carried out gene testing to identify key genetic SNPs that could be affecting certain metabolic pathways and enzymes. 
  • Used free pathway tools published by my favourite holistic practitioners to identify potential blocks and the cofactors required for each enzyme involved.
  • Introduced high quality supplements which were filler free and support key enzymes. 
  • When needed worked with a holistic practitioner skilled in working with genetic SNPs and interpreting organic acid tests (OAT) in the context of expressing genetics. 
  • Introduced a range of high quality probiotics, eliminating problematic strains. Also added in some gentle antivirals when needed.