30 Minute 1:1 Online Sessions

In 2009 I was diagnosed with the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia. A condition I was to later heal from. The NHS were unable to help me and the best that they could offer me was amitriptyline - which I refused. I spent the next 10 years exploring a range of holistic health modalities and interventions. 

It was during 2013 after carrying out genetic testing that I made a firm commitment to dedicate every spare minute of my time to learn about and research many facets of holistic health in relation to my own health. 

Over a period of 5 years I was to gain enough understanding of epigenetics in the context of my own genetic expression to make significant changes to recover fully from fibromyalgia. 

I receive many personal messages asking me about how I recovered. In response to this I would like to offer affordable 1:1 online sessions to anybody who is interested in learning more about the interventions I made to recover fully from this condition.

Each 1:1 online session is 30 minutes and will consist of me asking questions and sharing what has worked for me. I would like to offer this as a ‘pay what you want’ service to ensure full inclusivity for all. 

This could be as little as £0 up to whatever you feel the session was worth to you - payable after the session via PayPal.

To book a session email me at info@cacaopowdeobar.com quoting 'Booking Request' in the title. 


Medical Disclaimer

I am not a medical professional. The information presented is intended for educational and research purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. never disregard professional medical advice, or delay in seeking it. The information and suggestions presented should be discussed with your treating medical professional.